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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Health Walkers

    Q: What is Health Walkers?

    A: Health Walkers is website that provides a template for individuals or groups to monitor and track walking performance. Individual and group goals can be setup and managed within the Health Walkers website.

    Health Walkers also conducts a set of designed walking challenges throughout the year. These challenges are unique to Health Walkers and have proven to be very effective in helping motivate individuals. Challenges are based on leveled data and are designed to favor consistency and improvement and not athletic ability.

    The Health Walkers website can be used in conjunction with any new or pre-existing walking program.
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    Free vs Purchased Memberships

    Q: What is the difference between "Free" and "For Purchase" memberships?

    A: All accounts are initially set up as free accounts. Membership term varies depending on specific conditions of signup. When the membership period expires members must elect either to continue with a "Free" membership or to purchase a "For Purchase" membership. If you elect to continue with a "Free" membership all of your account data and goal information will be reset. If you desire to retain your data and goal information we recommend that you purchase one of our "For Purchase" memberships.
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    Membership Cost

    Q: What does it cost to join the Health Walkers website?

    A: Health Walkers provides a "Free" and various "For Purchase" membership options ranging from $4.95 per quarter to $15.95 per year. All memberships allow you to participate in walking challenges and to use any of the available fitness tracking tools.

    Upon registration all new accounts will register under the "Free" membership option with full account access.
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    Take a Tour

    Q: How can I see what Health Walkers has to offer without registering?

    A: Health Walkers welcomes everyone to take a tour of our website. Please follow instructions found on the "Take a Tour" link found on the menu bar above.
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    Defined Difference

    Q: How is Health Walkers better then other fitness tracking websites?

    A: Health Walkers is not a retailer and is not in business to sell you products that you do not want. Our website is based strictly on data collection and the manipulation of that data. We have a goal-based approach to walking that creates a friendly yet competitive environment. We provide dynamic statistics and conduct unique special events to help motivate individuals.

    We are dedicated specifically in providing you with tools that you can use to meet your fitness goals. We recommend members to solicit other quality fitness websites when searching for fitness facts and medical advice.
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    Website Comparison

    Q: How does Health Walkers compare to other websites where walking mileage and other fitness activities can be logged and tracked?

    A: Logging in miles alone does not help motivate individuals. Health Walkers is a community of individuals dedicated to a lifestyle of health and fitness. Collectively, our members participate in various events to help motivate and challenge each other. We are simple and convenient. We have setup a website that is easy to use with tools that are easy to acquire and interpolate.

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    Website Benefits

    Q: What benefits does Health Walkers provide me?

    A: The primary benefit delivered by Health Walkers is to help improve and maintain individual health. By being active, a person can significantly reduce his or her risk of contracting a major disease or developing a weight problem. If our website, challenges or tracking tools can play even the slightest of roles in helping keep people healthy then the benefits of the Health Walkers website are priceless.

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    Q: How is Health Walkers going to motivate me?

    A: Many things enter into the motivation equation. Though the Health Walker tools may be simple, when combined, their motivational impact can be significant.

  • We have created a fun "Walking Across America" environment where members walk to complete a virtual journey of walking all 50 US states.

  • We conduct various walking events and personal fitness challenges throughout the year to provide members with an alternate source of motivation. (see "CHALLENGES" page).

  • We provide common pre-established goals that prevent unrealistic challenges and unnecessary failures.

  • We recognize members for their efforts and accomplishments.

  • We provide mileage-tracking tools and personalized statistics for various fitness activities.

  • We have set up a private message board to promote friendship and communication among members.

  • A little fun and mutual support can go a long way for a person who is trying to decide "Should I walk today?"
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    Corporate Wellness

    Q: What if the company I work for has a wellness program why should I join Health Walkers?

    A: Health Walkers offers the mechanism for tracking your activities and conducting group or individual walking challenges. Many corporate wellness programs utilize the Health Walkers website to implement their programs. Health Walkers can be used in conjunction with any new or pre-existing walking program. Please feel free to contact your Wellness Program Administrators and to have them evaluate if Health Walkers could be a good fit for your company.
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    Weightloss Partnering

    Q: What is if I'm already a member of a weight loss group why should I join Health Walkers?

    A: A diet alone does not guarantee permanent weight loss, although when an individuals lifestyle is filled with activity and healthy food choices, the individual's success at permanent weight loss increases. Health Walkers focuses the importance of regular physical activity and does not compete with other weight loss groups or organizations. Health Walkers is an excellent supplement to any dieting program.
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    Q: What are the goals that have been mentioned?

    A: Health Walkers has established a series of attainable walking goals that stretch into a virtual journey walking across America. By pre-establishing these goals we can help prevent unrealistic challenges that would otherwise result in unproductive failures.

    In addition, we have set up various other goal formats that members can utilize. For example, members can choose to participate in a "Walk Across America" or "Walk Across Europe" challenge. Within these challenges members select states and countries one by one. Each goal is representative of the states or countries physical size.

    We recommend interested individuals to take a tour of our website to view additional goal setting features. Please follow the instructions found on the "Take a Tour" page. This page can accessed from the menu bar above.
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    Q: What fitness activities and health indicators can I track at Health Walkers?

    A: We currently have 8 different fitness activities (walking, jogging, aerobics, strength training, cycling, swimming, rowing, skiing and flexibility activity) and 3 different health indicators (body weight, blood pressure and pulse rate) that can be tracked via the Health Walkers website.

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    Q: How often are challenges conducted?

    A: Besides for personal goal challenges members may elect to participate in club sponsored events. Often these events require individual sign-up and are conducted approximately every two months throughout the year. There are no fees or additional costs associated with these challenges. A complete description of club sponsored challenges can be found on the "Challenges" page that is accessed from menu bar above.
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    Q: Do you have any credible references?

    A: Health Walkers has been interviewed and featured on WFIE and WTVW news in Evansville, Indiana. Text versions of these interviews are available and can be found on the websites of each respective news station. Interview links may be found on the "Press Releases" page.

    An article regarding Health Walkers has been published in the Michigan Technological University "Alumnus Magazine" dated December 2003. Additionally, many emails from members have been posted on the "Testimonial" page.
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