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Walking and Fitness Challenges

Health Walkers sets itself apart from all others when it comes to motivation. Members are welcome to participate in any of the unique individual or group walking challenges that Health Walkers conducts throughout the year. These challenges are simple yet interesting enough to stimulate motivation. Challenges last approximately five weeks per event and be expected to produced increases in performance up to 15% during the challenge period.

Walk Across America

This is an individual walking challenge. Within this challenge individuals select states one by one. When selected that state becomes a walking goal for that individual. The goal value is representative of the states physical size and is based on individual walking habits.

Other similar goal formats such as "Walk Across Canada" and "Walk Across Europe" are also available.

Walk Across America - II

This is an individual walking challenge similar to the other Walk Across America challenge but administered in a group format. Within this challenge states are selected one by one. When a state is selected it becomes a common walking goal for all Health Walker members. Goals are based on a point system rather then miles.

March Madness

This is a team walking challenge where members have the opportunity to create their own walking teams. Teams will compete in a series of three-day challenges in a round-robin tournament fashion. Members will score points for their team every time they log a walk that equals or exceeds their average walk. The team with the most points at the end of the challenge period will win the match. Overall team standings will be posted.

Progressive Goal

This is the most difficult of all Health Walker challenges. An individual weekly walking target will be calculated for each member. Members will have one week to log in this distance. This weekly target will increase each week that you meet your goal and is based on each individual’s personal walking average. The object is to see how many weeks you exceed your goal expectation.

Random Chance

This event promotes consistency and strategy. An individual walking target will be calculated for each member. Members will have one week to log in this distance, however, any walking entry made on a "Blackout" day will not count in the contest total. Two "Blackout" days will be chosen at random each week. Individuals will advance within the challenge if their walking total meets their target for that week after the "Blackout" days have been identified.

Roll For Your Goal

Each week participants must roll the "Computer Dice" to help determine their fitness goal for the upcoming week. Targets are based on each individual’s personal statistics. The object is to see how many weeks you meet your goal.

Turkey Trot

This is the simplest of all challenges. This Thanksgiving holiday classic promotes family togetherness and dinner relief. Participants are requested to take a walk after the family meal and log their entry. The Health Walker message board is available to describe the days most memorable moments.

Holiday Health Challenge

This challenge is specifically designed with the December holidays in mind. Members who participate must log an activity into the Health Walker database on twelve of fourteen days within the contest period.

State Challenge

This is an individual walking challenge. The objective of this challenge is to walk a state county by county in such a way to include all "required" counties on your path. Counties will have a walking value ranging from 1 to 5. When selected this value will be used to calculate your required walking distance.

Team Challenge

Members participate on teams and compete to see which team can log the most walking points during the contest period. Walking points are based on individual walking habits favoring consistency and improvement and not athletic ability.

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