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Tri-state Woman Forms Online Walking Club
By Shannon Samson
WFIE News, Evansville, IN
January 23 and 25, 2002

They say having twins is twice as nice. But not if you're the one actually having them.

Nancy Gleneski gained 62 pounds. And even after little Meggan and Donnie came into the world, not all of that weight came off. This new stay-at-home mom needed some help. "I didn't want to sit at home all day. I wanted to keep active. And I had to do something to lose the extra weight."

So she and her husband Don created . At first, it was just a site for family and friends, but now they're ready to take it global. Members can keep track of their miles on line and then compare totals. Nancy says, "This is where I look everyday after I log my miles and to say 'this person's beating me or this person's walked this much' and that's going to give me more incentive to go out tomorrow and walk four miles instead of three miles. Everybody has that little competition inside of you. And it does. It keeps you going. And it's not to say that this is to kill each other. It's just to keep it fun."

Since August, Nancy's walked 300 miles. Her goal is to walk 750 miles by June. The website encourages users to make small goals and then eventually work toward the ultimate goal of walking across America ... 3,328 miles. Don Gleneski says, "The first goal is 100 miles. So, we don't try to make it too far off for anybody to walk because we don't to de-motivate anybody. We want to say 'hey you're 50% toward your first goal of 100 and once you make that, congratulations.'"

Most moms try to keep up with their kids. Nancy's kids try to keep up with her. She says the daily exercise keeps her energy level up, while the number on the scale keeps going down ... some 20 pounds already. "I feel better about myself. I'm still not at the weight I want to be, but I'm getting there."

Membership to the walking club is free. So far, there are only about ten members, but it's growing. Two people just signed up from California. Families who live in different parts of the country can join and keep track of each other.

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